The bottom up approach

In the last post I talked about the bottom up approach to clean up the system. Here I would like to go beyond just INDIA or any nation for that matter, to reach out the world as a whole.

We always say about stopping terrorism. But by this time every one have understand that its not an easy task as the root cause is not under control/territory. Even if the PAK Govt wants to stop supporting terrorism and the outfits that attempt to spread terrorism, they will not be able to stop this completely. The roots of terrorism have reached far deeper than we can think of. Children are being brain washed right from their childhood. Hence their way of thinking can not be stopped by force, it can only be suppressed for the time being. To eliminate this ideology completely, a gradual way which works on the core of the humanity is to be followed. This is a long term and slow process. You need a lot of patience but the fruits are definitely sweet.

The way to go about is by spreading LOVE through the path of spirituality. Don't mix spirituality with religion, which is were many people go wrong. When asked to His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar about the difference between spirituality and religion, he replied "Spirituality is the banana pulp and religion is the banana peel". Under the name of religion some of the wrong activities are spread but remember the core is still intact. We only need to throw away the rotten outer cover and the inner core will start shinning and will spread the message of LOVE and COMPASSION. The very nature of human being is LOVE and COMPASSION. All the other are temporary and can be removed with an intend to do so. There are many spiritual organization which attempt to do that and I am proud to be associated with one such organization which thinks globally when it comes to spirituality and its benefits.

To give a few examples, two of the terrorists from Kashmir are now The Art of Living (AOL) teachers. They are spreading this message of LOVE and even conducting the course in bunkers where the terrorist hide. Two is a small number but remember this is a non-zero start which will improve over the time. In another example, during the Iraq war, when the whole world was moving out of Iraq, few Art of Living teachers were send to Iraq to conduct the trauma relief operations and the Art of Living courses. I know one of the teachers very well and have heard his experiences. During the war time, these people were in Iraq for 18 months and they helped so many people during their crisis time. Today few Iraqi citizens are AOL teachers and have started to spread the message of LOVE throughout Iraq.

A very high dose of LOVE needs to be given to hardcore people but remember we also need it. We too have so much of hatred inside us. We hate some of our friends, relatives for very very small incidents. Friendships/relationships are broken for really stupid reasons, many a times due to misunderstanding and we keep that in our heart till we die. There is no need to do so, just drop it. Looks simple to read/write and let me tell you, is equally simple to implement. You can just start NOW. Pick up your phone and call a friend/relative whom you have not talked with for some time, for what every bitter reasons. Call up and start talking. No sorry, no thank you. Just a clean new start as if nothing happened. And you will be surprised to see your face happy, like never before.

If every one is centered with LOVE and COMPASSION, the whole world is going to be a heaven. We all can be part of it with a bit of contribution from every one of us. Stop pointing fingers to others and start getting into action every now and then and in few years from now we will be living in a world FULL OF LOVE.

United, here we stand!

Any crisis always gets people together forgetting their personal issues. The Mumbai terror attack is also one such situation, uniting people of not only Mumbai but entire INDIA to come together and stand united.

To any situation like this, there are various types of responses required:
1) Immediate response: This type of response is to counter-act the situation. For this there is a need of disaster management system, which can react immediately to any situation. INDIA has this only on paper.
2) Mid-term response: Here all the related system are strengthened so that the planning of the attacks itself is intercepted , generally by the intelligence and other agencies, to guard the nation. INDIA has them all, scattered here and there with no proper communication between them.
3) Long term strategy: This is a very important aspect which is totally ignored in INDIA. Unless we strength the whole system/society bottom-up, every tremor is going to shake the whole structure. Hence its very important to increase the awareness amongst the people by having higher literacy level and bringing them up to the level where their VIVEKA is awakened. This might takes decades to see fruits but that is a key to have long term solution to any problem. Terrorism is just an instance which attempts to attack the system. Take what ever instances of distraction, if the basic system is solid, nothing can shake the nation.

If you ask yourself this question, "How many BAD people do you know?", I am sure the number will ZERO. So, by and large we can say that there are extremely small number of BAD people. Even then BAD people are able to make noise and disturb the GOOD people. The reason being, BAD people don't think, they only ACT. But good people think, and think, and think and NEVER ACT. Time has come for the GOOD people to ACT, and ACT NOW. Just imagine if GOOD people start making noise, how loud will it be.

We always point fingers to the system because thats much easier than saying I am also part of it. That is why we always blame the system and get away. But remember, we are the first element of that system. We want to change every thing but our own attitude. So, let us first change ourselves and then eventually the system will change/improve on its own.