Let's march for a better India

Let's march for a better India

HIS HOLINESS Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder, Art of Living, has conceptualised this march to awaken and empower citizens in order to create an on-ground structure that will actually effect a change in societal circumstances and situations, in keeping with his vision and mission of a stress-free, violence-free planet where individuals contribute towards the goal of a One-World Family. The objective of the march is to awaken and empower the people of India, especially the youth, to participate in the democratic process. This march is the first step of a nationwide campaign aimed at amplifying the collective voice of the citizens and propelling the youth of India against Corruption and Terrorism. We endeavour to catalyze this movement, across the nation, with a three fold solution: Awareness, Accountability and Action.

With this motive Youth for Equality along with WAYE and AOL has planned a march on March 1, 2009. India has been badly hit by terrorism in the last decade or so and yet our government hasn't taken any concrete step to enhance the security and intelligence of the country. Corruption, another evil in our system, is eating up all the progress which we are making towards becoming a developed nation. If we want to prosper it is very essential to uproot terrorism and corruption. As a country, we need to actively start moving in a concerted way against these twin evils that are now threatening our very existence. So let us send out a call to our country to create a safe society. A society where there is no fear in walking into an airplane, a train or a bus. Or when we enter a mall, a cinema or a hotel, with our children. Or even our very own homes.

Let us take responsibility and bring the change - for our future and our future generations. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what can you do for your country.

We need to take the future in our hands; see it resting on our palms and take nation ahead.

Change is inevitable and it is important that Indian youth takes the responsibility to bring the change. So, here is the call for all the citizens whose conscience is yet awake and they want to make the system effective.

Be the Change.

Join the march on March 1, 2009 (www.themarch.in)
Time: 2 pm to 5 pm
Venue: Parliament Street, New Delhi

Remember, it is no good when citizens of nation only complain and expect someone else to fix their problems.


Aamir Khan celebrates Valentine's day in IIT

Aamir Khan celebrated his valentine's day in IIT Bombay :). Well, he was in IIT to shoot his movie 3 Idiots based on Chatan Bhagat's bestseller 5 Point Someone- What not to do at IIT. I was filling up my water bottle in the department when I saw few student running and few like me, lazily following the others. I asked the lazy ones and came to know about Amir's shooting.

I too got curious and decided to visit the location. The shooting location is less than 100meters away from my department else, would have given up on the idea. Students as well as campus residents were gathering to see Aamir. Got the news that he had just gone inside the workshop for and will not be coming out soon. So came back and continued my work.

Later, went to Lake side to watch the Sunset and met two kids who were telling me about Aamir and were also disappointed that they could not meet him. Gajani effect?

Meanwhile, the sunset happened as usual. No Aamir effect on it and I enjoyed that, with my Valentine :).

Jai Guru Dev!
Sandeep (Pitamah)

Are you in LOVE? Decide yourself

V-day special :)

* If you like to get out from a noisy party and walk together outside only with him/her, you are in love with him/her.

* When you are together with him/her, you pretend to ignore him/her. But when he/she is not around you, you might look around to find him/her. At that moment, you are in love.

* Although he/she is someone else who always makes you laugh, your eyes and attention might go only to him/her. Then, you are in love with him/her.

* Although he/she supposes to call you a long ago to let you know he/she is safe arriving at home, your phone is quiet. Then, you realize that you are in panic for the waiting. At that moment, you are in love with him/her.

* When you look at a group picture, you might rather look for him/her ( to know who was next to him/her or how he/she look like in that picture ) than look for yourself. Then, you realize that you are in love with him/her.

* You have to hook out your telephone line for your busy study, but you can not do it for one phone call from him/her. Then, you are in love with him/her.

* If you are much more exciting for one short e-mail from him/her than other much long e-mail, you are in love with him/her.

* When you find yourself who can not erase full of messages in you answering machine for one message from him/her, you are in love.

* When you get a couple of free movie tickets, your first thinking will be to take him/her with you. Then, you are in love.

* You keep telling yourself, "He/she is just a friend," but you realize that you can not help avoiding the special attraction from him/her. At that moment, you are in love with him/her.

* (Very important) While you are reading this mail, if someone appear in your mind, you are deeply in love with him/her. (no cheating please?!!!)

TRUE? Isn't it.

Hey I am happy that I have made you think about and recognize your partner.

Thanks for sharing your precious time.

Hope you enjoyed this............

Jai Guru Dev!
Sandeep (Pitamah)

My Country is My Valentine

Recently there has been regular terror attacks on many cities in INDIA and these attacks were taken like a regular day to day happening by most. Every attack, involving multiple bomb blasts had become just another news, till the Mumbai Terror Attack happened and then every one came out of their so called secured shell to demand an overall change in the system. The need to stand tall against terrorism was felt for the first time. Terrorism can be stopped if and only if every citizen of INDIA is committed towards the cause.

Corruption is another big obstacle for growth of INDIA. We boast ourselves of future economical superpower but unless corruption is completely trashed out of the system, things are going to be only in the dreams. Right from the birth till the end corruption has made its way. To get the birth certificate; the death certificate, and all the certificates in between.

The World Alliance for Youth Empowerment (WAYE) has appealed people to join their hand to spread awareness about the two issues and participate in the march on 1st March 2009 in Delhi, Parliament Street.

This year My Country is My Valentine is the tagline of The March and rightly conveys the need to change the mindset of citizens for their country.

Excerpts from http://www.themarch.in

Against Terrorism. Against Corruption

The objective of the march is to awaken and empower youth to participate in the democratic process. It is the very spirit of patriotism that has been corrupted – resulting in blatant and brutal acts of terrorism that threaten each citizen. This march is the first step of a youth campaign aimed at amplifying the collective voice of the citizens of India against Corruption and Terrorism.

Why are we marching?

Corruption in India is shockingly rampant.

India has the dubious distinction of belonging to the category of the most corrupt nations in the world. The World Economic Forum Survey 2003 ranked India 45th out of 49 countries based on the honesty of its officials.

A study conducted by Transparency International India estimated that Rs. 883 Crores in all was paid as bribe by BPL (below poverty line)households in the year 2007 in availing 11 public services. Due to corruption having seeped into the roots of the governance system, our progress as a nation has been severely stunted.

Visit: http://www.themarch.in

Jai Guru Dev!
Sandeep (Pitamah)

Farmers' suicide: Do we really care?

India reported 122,637 suicides last year — an average of 336 every day — with more men ending their lives than women, the latest report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has revealed.

As far as suicides committed by farmers (16,632) are concerned, Maharashtra (4,238) surpassed all other states, with its Vidarbha region having become the focal point. According to the NCRB’s report, Karnataka saw 2,135 farmer suicides, Andhra (1,797), Chhattisgarh (1,593), MP (1,263) and Kerala (1,232).

The number of farmers who committed suicide in Maharashtra accounted for more than a quarter of the total suicides reported in the state.

The farmers suicide has been happening since more than 10 years. There was a big package announced by the Indian government but had hardly any impact. Once the package was declared and it was even heard that the normal deaths were also being reported as suicides and then the compensation by the government was mainly kept by the concerned officer and a small part was given to the family. Essentially, nothing noteworthy was achieved by the government.

But there are people in this world who do care, even about the poor farmers and every one else. With the blessing of Guruji - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Project Vidarbha was started in Amravati district in August 2006 with 32 Yuvacharya ( 6 Girls and 26 Boys) selected after a rigorous training of 10 days. The outline of the project was also decided during these 10 days.

The people were reached out via the Navchetana Shibeer, Health Workshops and Satsang by going closer to them and listening to their problems. Slowly people started accepting the change and started smiling. The smiling virus was soon spreading and covered other districts of Amravati Division (507 villages of 6 districts). Lot many workshops were conducted which could impart practical training to the people and youth. The youth themselves came forward and started taking responsibility of their own villages, after undergoing proper training.

Till 15th October 2007 (I have a copy of that report only), no suicide was reported in the villages where The Art of Living foundation has reached and started their work and I sure none will happen in future.

There are three types of people
- People who make things happen
- People who see things happen
- People who wonder what happened!

If you are determined, you can make things happen and I am proud to be associated with organization which makes things happen. Many people ask why the foundation charges money for their course, and here is the reason. The organization utilizes the money collected from the people who can pay, and redirects it for development of the poor and the needy. There are about 35,000 villages adopted by the Art of Living foundation and many more are in the waiting. I will write more later about the program and the success stories.

With such good people around, happiness is going to be all around. I hope to be part of the instrument that spreads happiness in the whole world.


Report on Suicides

5H program

The 5H program - on lifepositive.com

Jai Guru Dev!
Sandeep (Pitamah)