Aamir Khan celebrates Valentine's day in IIT

Aamir Khan celebrated his valentine's day in IIT Bombay :). Well, he was in IIT to shoot his movie 3 Idiots based on Chatan Bhagat's bestseller 5 Point Someone- What not to do at IIT. I was filling up my water bottle in the department when I saw few student running and few like me, lazily following the others. I asked the lazy ones and came to know about Amir's shooting.

I too got curious and decided to visit the location. The shooting location is less than 100meters away from my department else, would have given up on the idea. Students as well as campus residents were gathering to see Aamir. Got the news that he had just gone inside the workshop for and will not be coming out soon. So came back and continued my work.

Later, went to Lake side to watch the Sunset and met two kids who were telling me about Aamir and were also disappointed that they could not meet him. Gajani effect?

Meanwhile, the sunset happened as usual. No Aamir effect on it and I enjoyed that, with my Valentine :).

Jai Guru Dev!
Sandeep (Pitamah)


  1. Aila, I saw people running to get a glimpse of Amir :) Poor guy! celebrated his Valentine's day in the panther workshop.

  2. Why do IIT Boombay people have so much fun...please pass some to IIT Kharagpur too :P

  3. Nice article...can you imagine he was jogging right in-front of our hostel early morning...and we were oblivious of his presence...I ran a lot to see Amir...but his security stopped us :(

  4. beautifulllllll sunset!!!

  5. 40-year olds acting as 18 year olds is going to be ultimate fun. :)

  6. that was nicely written post sandeep...keep going! ur blog is getting interesting :-)

  7. Dear Aamir Khan, Best wishes for your
    future movies.

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  9. Dear Jai,
    U r an interesting writer.Please write more.


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