My Country is My Valentine

Recently there has been regular terror attacks on many cities in INDIA and these attacks were taken like a regular day to day happening by most. Every attack, involving multiple bomb blasts had become just another news, till the Mumbai Terror Attack happened and then every one came out of their so called secured shell to demand an overall change in the system. The need to stand tall against terrorism was felt for the first time. Terrorism can be stopped if and only if every citizen of INDIA is committed towards the cause.

Corruption is another big obstacle for growth of INDIA. We boast ourselves of future economical superpower but unless corruption is completely trashed out of the system, things are going to be only in the dreams. Right from the birth till the end corruption has made its way. To get the birth certificate; the death certificate, and all the certificates in between.

The World Alliance for Youth Empowerment (WAYE) has appealed people to join their hand to spread awareness about the two issues and participate in the march on 1st March 2009 in Delhi, Parliament Street.

This year My Country is My Valentine is the tagline of The March and rightly conveys the need to change the mindset of citizens for their country.

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Against Terrorism. Against Corruption

The objective of the march is to awaken and empower youth to participate in the democratic process. It is the very spirit of patriotism that has been corrupted – resulting in blatant and brutal acts of terrorism that threaten each citizen. This march is the first step of a youth campaign aimed at amplifying the collective voice of the citizens of India against Corruption and Terrorism.

Why are we marching?

Corruption in India is shockingly rampant.

India has the dubious distinction of belonging to the category of the most corrupt nations in the world. The World Economic Forum Survey 2003 ranked India 45th out of 49 countries based on the honesty of its officials.

A study conducted by Transparency International India estimated that Rs. 883 Crores in all was paid as bribe by BPL (below poverty line)households in the year 2007 in availing 11 public services. Due to corruption having seeped into the roots of the governance system, our progress as a nation has been severely stunted.


Jai Guru Dev!
Sandeep (Pitamah)


  1. The youth, the educated middle class, which forms a major chunk of Indian population, is restless and want to clean the scum and it is possible if like minded people unite organize and have a common agenda. Btw, Thanks for adding my blog to your network. Have a Gr8 day.

  2. kashmir is missing in your map !!!!!

  3. Its happening in Bangalore today! a gathering of youth in an air of meditation, sattva, sankalpa and an electric intention to roll out actionables for the country. JGD :-)


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