I got promoted this week and now no more the youngest member of the family. My bhabhi gave birth to a baby girl this week. Happy moments in the family. Every one rejoicing, distributing sweets, taking snaps, and all that.

She is so cute and so small that I feared to take control of her. Just touched her and she is so soft-soft. Eyes wide open, open mouth, long fingers, big nose are all the special effects.

Till my niece gets an official name, I named her Chutki :)


  1. Heartiest Congratulations to you. Convey my good wishes to your brother and the whole family.

    BTW, I remember this name "chutki". I used to call someone with this name, do you remember that ? ;-)

  2. r now promoted....chutki is a nice name....but her real name shud be some dyanamic one u kno...which has some beautiful meaning...congrats again...


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