Marry Chirstmas

This was my gmail chat status message on the Christmas day. I used to have this confusion of marry vs merry but got it clarified long back. My naughty nature came alive on the Christmas morning again and I started wishing people with "Marry X'mas" message.

As I kept my gmail chat status as "Marry X'mas", I was pinged by many friends asking about the status. Well, it served my purpose, because the whole intension was to attract that extra attention from my friends, who see me online but some how think that they will chat with me some time later, may be tomorrow when they will have time, or I will not be busy, or some thing like that. I also think that way many time. So, gave an opportunity to break that ice. And, I succeeded in my intension. Got to talk with many friends. I am naughty sometimes and I continue to be, to keep myself happy.

Other than that, it was a wonderful Christmas day for me. The Santa was walking with me through out the evening. I had few small-small desires and I could see every desire getting fulfilled. In the afternoon I had expressed my desire to attend a Satang and dance and in the evening, there I was, in a Satsang, singing and dancing in full swing, that too on my favorite devotional song. Also had egg-less plum cake, which I got after searching a lot. At one point of time I had given up the chance that I will egg-less plum cake as it was not available in the shops I checked. Later in the night, I had a desire to have the sweet in the mess, but some how got late and hence it was finished at the counter. I thought for a moment and decided to let it go. I was already happy to see that most of my wishes had come true and hence I can forgot sweet that day. Later, my friend gave me his sweet as he had reduced sweet consumption. What more can I ask for? On the dinner table I even got comments on why I was smiling so much. Well, thats all the Art of Living effect. Can't help smiling, what ever may happen and with Santa with you, the smile blossoms.

In our day to day life also, Santa is always walking with us. But we just are not aware of it. The moment we learn to appreciate every good thing happening in our life, miracles start happening. But what we mostly remember are the things which did not worked well for us. So, a reversal in the filtering process, of what to remember and what not to, can bring an massive change in our lives.

So, with Santa walking with us, why do we need to wait for that Christmas day? Every day is Christmas, and can bring celebrations in our lives.

Santa is within us. Just start experiencing it.

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