Naming ceremony of Chutki; चुटकीचे बारसे

Yesterday it was naming ceremony (बारसे) of Chutki, my niece. Chutki was the temporary name given to her by me till some official name is given and it has served its purpose and has already made her popular.

Swini is the new name for Chutki. Swini means one who always shines brighter. The other names are Manali, Gia (her birth name), Chutki - my favorite, and Amla, the brand ambassodor of her Dad's Amla products.

Swini Khara is a cute child actress who has acted in "Chini Kum" and is recently seen in many ads.


  1. soo cute.. Its amazing how intelligent and talent the current generation kinds. Its may be because the freedom and encouragement that they are getting from the parents, society and exposure to a bigger world.

  2. Yes, the newer generation is far ahead of us. May be the genetics is also improving :). The exposure and the encouragement do play a key role in the development of kids and with open mind of today's parents, things are moving faster than what we can think of.


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