Diary - A Day at the Gym

Today was my first day in the gym. I know I was procrastinating. So evening I just forced myself to go. It was terrible. I felt my legs cramping in the first 10 minutes. Nothing was going right for me.

As I entered the sauna I saw five huge sweaty bodies. And I suddenly felt home sick. I was an alien among these ogres. What was I doing in this country I thought.

Shortly, two of them walked out.

I always sit on the top one; perhaps a psychological ploy so as not to get intimidated by these hunks.

As I started sweating , I was thinking about where my life was going.

Suddenly the one below me looked at me and said, “ I was fired this week”.

Now I am never very good at handling these situations. But I had to say something.

“Stop feeling sorry for your hairy ass. I am jobless for the last 4 months”

There was a moments silence. I thought I am a dead man.

And suddenly they all exploded. Big giants. Big laughs.

One guy between gasps said ”Fuck Bush”. The third one turned to me “hey you look like Bush.” “don’t fuck me. I wouldn’t be able to handle your weight.” I said.

There was again huge laughter. and suddenly the first one said come guys shower we are going for a drink. I was among friends!

As we sat gulping beer in the Applebee’s ,This is home I thought happily.

Slowly as the beer started giving its effect, the atmosphere became somber. Each man narrating his travails. Rodney, the guy who first spoke with me , was weeping silently.

I couldn’t take it any more. So I said my good byes to my new friends. Lots of high fives and patting each other and promises to see next day in the gym.

I sat in the car for some time. I don’t know how long I sat there till suddenly I heard a tap on my window. A cop was asking me anxiously if I was alright. I assured him I was fine and thanked him for his concern.

He had an avuncular smile on his crinkled face. “don’t worry son. Things wont remain the same. “ he winked. He had an infectious smile.

I smiled back at him and waved.

“God Bless America. “

Now the officer was grinning from ear to ear.

I was laughing as I drove. There was this one thought.

If winter comes can spring be far behind?



  1. hey, is it your experience?? there's a name, sudhir written below. plus i can't imagine u having beer!!

  2. Not me, its a guest article by Mr. Sudhir Kekre, my uncle, from Miami. He is contributor of this blog now.


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