मध्य प्रदेश शांत तो जम्मू कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी तक का रास्ता साफ़ (If Madhaypradesh is peaceful, then JnK to Kanyakumari road is clear )

I will not be talking of the geography or even politics of INDIA but will be more interested in mapping these areas to the human body and their functioning. Madhya Pradesh symbolizes central part is our body, mainly the digestive system; Jammu & Kashmir the upper part; and Kanyakumari the lower part of the body. The upper part, especially the head symbolizes the thinking process while the lower part symbolizes the physical work required to convert those thoughts into action.

If the digestive system is not functioning properly, then you feel low on energy. Although in the busy schedule, you tend to neglect the indications given by our body and especially the digestive system, you attempt to think and work as usual. Possibly, that is some thing we have accepted so well that we don't even give much importance to our bodily signals. We keep on ignoring them as if thats the reality of life.

On the other hand, if the digestive system is doing well, all the other systems perform well. You are fresh and alert, able to think positively and quickly. At the same time you are physically active and better able to convert the thoughts into action. You feel very much relaxed and contented and your productivity goes up.

In these days, where you are busy with your work, whole day and night, acidity, gas, constipation has become part of life. You just gulp in some tablet to get it under control and move on. These tablets only suppress the cause but never removes them completely. For example, acidity is caused due to the the pitta dosha, due to increased secretion of acid required for digestion. In Ayurveda there are simple ways to control acidity and in general most of the digestive problems. If these measure are taken on regular basis then your digestive system is perfect for most of the time and you can feel the difference.

As usual, I am not different from the excuse of busy life and hence used to have acidity, constipation and related problem. Hardly used to think them as problems as possibly had accepted them as part of day to day life. But once I started having Awala Juice as a medicine, on a daily basis, I could see a sudden change in my health. I could feel myself fresh in the morning and could feel light in the stomach. The lightness of stomach spread into my mind and body and gave me enthusiasm to work better maintaining my freshness for longer time. I felt boss, if I can be so fresh and active then why was I living like a dull guy for so for long. Triphala is another churna which can be taken before going to bed to balance all the three doshas and is bowel cleanser.

In this busy life, we never give importance to keeping ourselves fit. Most of the problems will not arise if we are fit and our digestion system is well. But then we need to put in that extra awareness NOW to avoid the issues in the FUTURE. This is where most of us lack the zeal to follow up on good things. We are aware that some thing needs to be done NOW to avoid problems in FUTURE but we just ignore all that with our chalta hai attitude and then are hit back some time later to realize our mistake. Unfortunately, very few learn from their mistakes and continue to be ignorant.

As I could experience the silence of Madhya Pradesh and its effect which caused peace in Jammu & Kashnmir to Kanyakumari, I requested my brother who is in food processing industry to write a guest column here, focusing mainly on Awala/Amla and its benefits. Hope to post that soon on this blog.

(For those who are not aware of the geography of INDIA, Madhya Pradesh is the central part of INDIA and Jammu Kashmir and Kanyakumari are the northern and southern ends of INDIA, respectively.)


  1. Ok, you are venturing in dangerous territory, by comparing J&K to head and Kanyakumari to the anus!! People from Kanyakumari might have a problem.

    And even while Madhya Pradesh continues to do relatively nice, India does have a huge headache in J&K. If India is a body, the right arm (Gujarat) is doing extremely well, whereas the left arm (WB and NE) are suffering. No wonder, Tata Motors turned right after suffering in the left.

    Also, the thighs (Maharashtra and AP) are strong, while the right foot (Kerala) is weak, while the left foot (TN) is strong. The heart (UP)is suffering perennially. If India is a body, then it has to be hospitalised immediately.

  2. Very true Vinay. INDIA is right now needs ICU. Hope to recover soon.


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