Run Mumbai Run...

Run Mumbai Run are the magic words that inspire me and many other Mumbai Marathon runners to continue their journey toward the finish line with out giving up in between. This slogan has the power to keeps me going on and on till I cross the finish line. The crowd cheering with this slogan has made me complete successfully the half marathon twice.

I still remember my first attempt of half marathon (21 km). No one believed that I could complete the marathon and they were constantly discouraging me from participating in the marathon. On the eve of the marathon my close friend me advised me not worry about completing the marathon and advised me to take shelter of the medical camp in case of emergency. On the marathon day I met few other friends who also had similar experience, people in the same boat. Frankly, we were also not sure of what we are diving into but had very high energy to get experience it.

The marathon started at 6.45am. It was still dark when it started and cold enough not to get exhausted early. The real test was later during the race when sun comes up and shines bright enough to exhaust the runners. There was a sunny patch with no cover of the buildings, near the Girgaon Chaupati and that was the testing period for all the immature runners. I was almost exhausted but kept running. There was no water booth in that area and we all kept sharing our reservoir. The scene was similar with all people. Every one was looking for water and was happy share if they had any water left. The humanity was seen live. After that sunny patch of about 1km, I could sense the finish line coming closer but still about 4 km away. Now I was confident of finishing and just continued running and finally in about 2hr 50mins I crossed the finish line. It was an experience of the lifetime, satisfaction at its peak. At the same time I had tremendous boot in my confidence. I could see it as removal of a big mental block in my life. In the next few days I could see myself doing any task with increased confidence and had no problem in taking new challenges.

The second year was comparatively simple as I had my prior experience with me. I had hardly practiced and hence could finish the half marathon in 3hrs, still not bad.

Many celebrities like Anil Ambani, Milind Soman, Rahul Bose, Gul Panag actively participate in Marathon.

Now, all geared up for tomorrow's 6th Edition of Mumbai Marathon and to hear Run Mumbai Run.

Jai Guru Dev!


  1. Wishing you great and wonderful, satisfying run !

  2. Kudos Sandy! Please do also post how you trained for it. Maybe some of us will get inspired :)

    And where did you get the photos? Pretty cool.

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  4. @ugich konitari: Thanks mam. It was indeed a very satisfying experience. I completed the race in 2:31:33 sec, bettering my previous best by 20mins.

    @Niranjan: We are amateur marathon runners so our training is very less, still good enough to complete the half marathon. Its more of a mental training than physical. The photos are picked up from the net.

    @Sandeep: Thanks. I hope to inspire you, enough to make you run next time!


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